Night Fever 5 – Hospitality Design

Publisher: Frame Publishers

Page: 454-459

Release Date: 01.12.2016

Vinero Winery & Hotel

CM Mimarlik

CM Mimarlik created a hospitality destination within an industrial complex, maximising on its wide and high volumes, using a material palette that adds a warmth to the interior. The hotel’s design is an organic continuation of the winery located beside it. The team aimed for a complementary concept to that of the winery, by the generous use of elegant, natural materials such as marble, wood and metal.

An importance was placed on the use of textures by utilising rough materials– instead of distracting patterns – and a toned-down yet rich colour palette of diff erent shades of brown and muted grey. The result is a calm, opulent retreat with a sensual, spa-like atmosphere. Personalised spaces have been carved out for the hotel’s facilities. The set-up and materials of the guest rooms all diff er, with each having a bespoke design.

Custom-made furniture in both public and private areas are lined with linen and leather upholstery, while vast wooden counters and natural stone basins add to the resort-like feel of the place. A highlight of the interior is the hotel’s elegant spa, which is a specific wellness centre which uses grapes – a nod to the venue’s locality. Throughout, the abundance of open spaces – wide, airy rooms and high wooden ceilings – off ers complete luxury in itself.