Backhaus Caddebostan

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Status: Completed

Type: Commercial

Team: Cem Sorguç, Tolga Yağlı, Özlem Yılmaz

Client: Backhaus

Location: Caddebostan / İstanbul

Year: 2011 - 2012

Photos: Senem Sinem, Özlem Yılmaz

Backhaus Caddebostan has been designed by CM Architecture with a different design approach than previously designed Nişantaşı and Istinye Park branches, specific to the situation and the location.  The most important determinants of the interior design decisions were based on the location and the thin-long volume of the café. Located on Bağdat Avenue, on a residential building’s ground floor, it was essential to regard the current facade scheme but also to create a unique display.

Considering the conditions that Backhaus serves both in store and for delivery in a narrow and deep interior space, it was unavoidable to place the tables on windows side – which are expanded in order to let more light in, and units for preparation and sales along the dead wall.

Mostly preferred on weekends by young people and on weekdays by middle-aged and over women for longer stays, this customer profile was the base design criteria for custom made seating units to be as much comfortable as possible.

All items in this project are original pieces. From wood on furniture to tiles on the floor are implemented in their natural way without any process. Arts and crafts, handwork and custom made products are preferred in Caddebostan Backhaus project as well as other CM architecture design and implementations.

The early Istanbul tiles on the floor were handcrafted in company’s corporate colours in one size, later they are arranged in place and their order is decided in place as an old school way of decision making. Metal mesh is used partially as suspended ceiling to conceal the installation and it is bended in certain angle genuine to the space, to get more light in. Metal counter for washbasins in restrooms are also custom made to its place. As well as the doors, elaborated with diligence and manufactured in iron workshop.