Hyatt House

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Status: Completed

Type: CommercialTourism

Team: Cem Sorguç, Amina Rezoug, Elvan Çakıt, Tutku Sevinç, Gizay Özüm, Ege Adaş, Serra Ayhan, Tolga Yağlı

Client: Doğuş Real Estate Investment Trust Company

Contractor: Yeni Teknik Yapı

Static Project: MPI Mühendislik

Electricity Project: FDC Elektrik

Mechanical Project: Beta Teknik

Lighting Project: NA LightStyle

Landscape Project: MEDOSA

Project Consultants: CWG Danışmanlık, Yöner Mühendislik, Proses Mühendislik, Etik Mühendislik

Construction Type: Reinforced Concrete + Steel

Land Area: 8.770 M²

Construction Area: 52.000 M²

Location: Gebze / Kocaeli

Year: 2014 - 2017

Photos: Cemal Emden, Ozan Arslan

A hotel project that we designed in the same parcel as a shopping center, which was also designed by CM at the end of the 2000s. The shopping center has been active for 5 years and the new hotel structure is designed to be attached to it, while being a separate business and having its individual program.

180 hotel rooms are placed on one side of the building to take advantage of the open view. Horizontal circulation on hotel floors is designed as a linear corridor. Functions on ground and mezzanine floors are designed as common/social areas in an open-plan typology. These two floors separate themselves from the accommodation function by acting as the building’s base, letting hotel floors rise up on it. Rooms are planned in a way that allows long-term stay and physical transition between them.

Hotel building intensifies its connection to the shopping center structure thanks to the transitional spaces formed in between. These spaces create the possibility for food & beverage stores and retail shops.

Hotel entrance is designed to be on a rather inactive zone, located at the opposite side of the shopping center’s main entrance. This decision is to ensure hotel’s circulation, service and high density of the shopping center to be separated from each other, thus, preventing any possible unwanted interaction between them.

Hotel floors’ corridors are placed on the north side, facing the shopping center’s mechanical area, so that the rooms face the south direction and the open view. To prevent excessive heat and sunlight on the south façade, the rooms are set back by user-accessible balconies.