GKT 110-7

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Status: Completed

Type: Residential

Team: Cem Sorguç, Tolga Yağlı, Sezin Ergene, Ege Adaş

Client: Uçar Gayrimenkul

Construction Type: Betonarme

Land Area: 962 M²

Construction Area: 6826 M²

Location: Göktürk / İstanbul

Year: 2013 - 2016

The building is the 17th one designed by CM in the Göktürk area and is located between two roads which are not connected to each other and which differ approximately 6 meters in height. Because the distance between the two sides of the building structure and the paths between the open sides are too large for a two-sided residential construction, the structure is divided into two, and the opening distance is divided into horizontal and vertical circulations like an articulation structure and the irrational curvilinear it was disintegrated into the design. Entrance to the houses is provided by bridges of varying continuity on each floor and daylight has been provided for this articulation which is intervened with the opening in the roof.

Roof terrace is reserved for common use and the ground level serves the commercial function, fitting to the local character of the region. To sum up, it is a hollowed out apartment building.