KSM Office

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Status: Unbuilt

Type: CommercialOffice

Team: Cem Sorguç, Tolga Yağlı, Amina Rezoug, Gizem Candemir, Deniz Gezgin

Client: Kara Sazeh Matin Group

Land Area: 2.046 M²

Construction Area: 48.022 M²

Location: Tahran / İran

Year: 2013

The site is located on the parallel boulevard of the North-South route, a fast developing commercial and business center of the capital city of Iran, Tehran.

The ground floor is projected to be used as an urban place that binds the two streets extending from the North to the South. The first four floors are designed as the base of the tower and are designated with the shopping mall functions. The inviting mall entrance and the office entrance have been separated.  There is an end dead street situated on the West of the site has evaluated with the ground floor of the mall to connect the Entefazeh Street and provide permeability. Furthermore, this façade constitutes an interface that benefits the climate advantages and due to the transparency, supplies the buildings’ face a sensitive attitude in terms of city-human scale perception.

On the massif surfaces, the traditional and geographic building context was taken into consideration and they were established by fragmented surface, consisted of one of Tehran’s most commonly used construction material bricks. The rising surface on the West and South directions was designed as a double façade in which sunshade mesh is referenced to local well-known rug weaving. According to the tower orientation the most precious façade is the North one facing the city view with the Elbourz Mountains on the background, the building is designed in order to take the most advantage from that direction.