Life is’tanbul Sunset

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Status: Completed

Type: Residential

Awards, Nominations: Arkiv Architecture Anthology 2009

Team: Cem Sorguç, Çağrı Küçükay, Barış Kıldiş

Client: Akro Yapı

Construction Area: 6.642 M²

Location: Göktürk / İstanbul

Year: 2007 - 2009

Photos: Cemal Emden

The building is located on the north end of the north-south oriented Göktürk Street which formerly was accepted as the main arterial road of the town. The close vicinity consists of buildings 10-15 years old at most. When we first started to work on the project, a construction site occupied our northwestern neighboring parcel while the east and south directions were completely open. Nevertheless, shaping our design by counting on the vacancy of the surrounding parcels at that time could easily lead us to frustration, because of the rapid transformation in the area. At the moment we can clearly follow our predictions come true while new buildings arise on every parcel around our project site.

At the moment, Göktürk Street has a routine circulation with a defined low density, though while shaping the design, the potential for a much denser circulation in the future was not to be denied. This expectation was the main motivation behind certain choices we made in the planning process.

First of all, living spaces in the apartments are positioned at the back façade which directly faces the landscape and provides open space with the help of the buildings own backyard. In addition to that, rather then apartments, business establishments were located on the main façade of the ground floor. Because of the continuous slope on the main façade, a leveling plane was created in order to prevent future alterations of the pavement / road levels from disrupting the buildings relationship with the street.

The building consists of 22 apartments in total. 1+1 studios are positioned on the ground level, dublexes on the top two floors and various 4+1/ 2+1 / 3+1’s on the floors between. The main entrance hall provides access to all the three cores responsible for the vertical circulation of the building.

The open air swimming pool in the backyard and the fitness center underneath it are reached through the same entrance hall which also leads to the backyard. The parking garage which is accessed from the side street and storage spaces of the apartments are also located at the basement floor, beside the fitness center.

In the acute angle formed at the corner of the only adjacent parcel and ours, though the buildings structural continuity was not disrupted, the potential functional flaws deriving from the geometry of   that certain part of the building were realized during the design process. The decision was made to withdraw all functions from that corner and use it as a sculptural element at the façade, while providing a certain level of privacy to the apartments which were located at that façade because of the pull back from the outermost shell of the building.