Life is’tanbul Sunrise

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Status: Completed

Type: Residential

Team: Cem Sorguç, Barış Kıldiş, Çağrı Küçükay

Client: Akro Yapı

Construction Area: 8.400 M²

Location: Göktürk / İstanbul

Year: 2007 - 2010

Photos: Cemal Emden

The building consists of 44 flats organized as 1+1’s on the ground floor and two storey 4+1’s,2+1’s and 3+1’s are on upper floors. There is one and common entrance opens to a wide hall leading to a circulation unit. As a result of the close settlement problem, we preferred to use shutters on windows and balcony doors in order to provide privacy. Additionally with the aim of deforming the block effect of the building we divided it into two parts on the circulation axis and as a result we could have natural sunlight to the elevator and stair hall.

The common entrance hall is also leading to the closed swimming pool and sports room. Under the swimming pool there are apartment storages and a car park area.