Semt Kocaeli

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Status: Completed

Type: Residential

Awards, Nominations: Turkey Architectural Almanac 2018

Team: Cem Sorguç, Ege Adaş, Sezin Ergene, Tolga Yağlı, Serra Ayhan, Deniz Gezgin

Client: Pekdemir İnşaat

Construction Type: Reinforced concrete

Land Area: 33.700 M²

Construction Area: 46.200 M²

Location: Kocaeli / Turkey

Year: 2016 - 2018

Photos: Merih Pekdemir

Semt Kocaeli is a housing project located close to the center of Kocaeli, Turkey, in an open space surrounded by forests. 280 house units are set here on the sloping land. Our aim here was, in fact, to create a settlement that is highly viable, livable, social and indispensable. We wanted to focus on usability, as well as to maximize the possibility of long-term use, ensuring a child to be born, grow up and continue living here.

The project is focused on outdoor use. Gardens, passages between the buildings, cafes, children’s play areas that work together in the outdoors and the interior, a fitness center, basketball court and a small-scale commercial unit… All these functions are designed to be spread out into the landscape. We included only the necessary functions and avoided the irrelevant ones. Two-thirds of the project area is devoted to green space.