Zonguldak Guest House Type A

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Status: Unbuilt

Type: TourismRenovation

Team: Cem Sorguç, Elvan Dervişoğlu Çakıt, Deniz Gezgin

Client: Zonguldak Governorship

Land Area: 4.400 M²

Construction Area: 1.380 M²

Location: Zonguldak / Turkey

Year: 2018 - ...

The State Guest House – Type A, located in the district of Fener / Zonguldak, is thought to have been built in 1938. It has hosted guests of various kinds, including local and foreign.

Although the building has not become obsolete thanks to the fact that it was not abandoned and care was taken for it, its idle status has been diminishing its structural and historical value.

Along with the original guest house program, proposed music/art functions add a lot to the functional renovation of the building. While original furniture, doors, wood veneers etc. have all been kept as is, along with the building’s memories, the usage has been re-designed in a way that it can host both traditional and contemporary meetings in means of being a spatial reflection of the urban renewal.

Several non-original additions to the house have been removed while protecting the whole for structural and historical purposes. A separate building has been added which serves as a multi-functional hall for performance, concert and education purposes. This new building is designed in a way that creates contrast between old and new while highlighting the existing structure.

The site is located on a slope next to the Black Sea, surrounded by officially registered trees and precious flora. New additions to the site have been designed to have minimum effect to these surroundings.