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About CM

We are architects and designers. We are interested in the city, people and buildings. We are a collective of diverse cultures. Our company was established in 2002 in İstanbul. We have produced and still are producing projects in Turkey as well as different countries around the world.

CM Architecture works within a wide range of project typologies and scales. Our work includes housing blocks in various scales, private residences, mixed-use commercial buildings, office buildings, cultural buildings for public use, open and urban spaces, studies and works related to archeology and conservation, restoration, renovation, retrofit and urban development projects.

We think every project has its own unique design process and should have its own voice even if it’s a modest one. We try to deal with and respond to the local potential and conditions of a project’s location.


We have engaged ourselves with the dynamic relationships that architecture has developed with other fields, especially with the temporal and spatial sustainability. Our inclusive way of working is to manage and explore these dynamics and let them factor into our design processes.

We call this the dynamic architectural relationship.

A project should get developed keeping the social, material and cultural data in mind. In addition to this, it is necessary to preserve a working rhythm that allows potential feedback to be included and supported in the design process.

Uncovering the creative potentials of the dynamic process assumes a holistic approach in which multiple scales are included in the system.

How We Work

At the first stage, we try to understand and deal with the ideas and needs of our customers and future users. We engage in a question-and-answer type of dialogue to find and nurture the possibilities that the project brings. This often emerges from a large, cross-scale study of the site and the context of the project.

After all, every project depends on and is a part of larger systems that shapes and forms the future.

Together with our customers, stakeholders and business partners, we seek to discover, identify and develop this natural potential for positive change.