Backhaus Caddebostan / Doğuş Holding Yönetim Binası / İKSV Salon

Publisher: Tasarım

Page: 80-133

Release Date: 01.06.2014

Backhaus Caddebostan has been designed with a unique design approach distinguishing itself from its other shops in Nişantaşı and İstinye Park, interior designs of which were made by CM Architecture and Nazan Kavukçu.

The building is positioned on Bağdat Avenue and oriented towards residence functions. The obligation to diversify the façade of the space which is located on the entry level of the building without spoiling the general façade layout and the slender structure of the interior volume became the most important determinants of the interior design. The space offers both package sale and on-site consumption services. This required setting up sales and servicing units along the dead-walt while positioning the seating units next to the window gaps which are created to allow more daylight to enter the space which has a narrow and deep internal volume. Backhaus Caddebostan is preferred by young people mostly at the weekends. During the week, the space has a customer profile of middle-aged and older women. This fact was one of the criteria on the layout of the seating units which are designed as comfortable as possible on ateliers. These units alsa make a reference to 50's and 60's by carrying lines from those periods.

From solid wood on furniture to ceramic cladding units on the floor, original produets were preferred on all materials and they were ali applied with their natural forms without enduring any other process. Luxurious units such as custom-manufactured objects and hand-crafted goods which are also used on CM Architecture design and applications were amongst the privileged elements on Caddebostan Backhaus project.


 Old Istanbul stones on the floor are laid after being hand-crafted on a single scale and on tones that represent the brand's corporate color code. Partially used metal suspended roof which is utilized to conceal the installment on the ceiling was created by bending an existing material on the market and giving it a unique shape to let more daylight inside the space. Washbasin counter which is used on wet areas is uniquely manufactured from metal slabs. Doors are also created on a metal working shop by being detailed in advance.